Dylon Koh


About Dylon

My name is Dylon and I love to find the right home for you. If you are looking for investment properties, I can help you to find the perfect investment property to suit your needs.

I have been a realtor with Magsen Realty Inc. since 2010. My previous career was in banking and that gives me insight into your mortgage needs. I graduated with a Financial Management Diploma at BCIT.

I am very passionate about real estate and I have been working in the real estate industry since I was 13. I have cut grass, renovated houses, and collected rent for my family.

As for my business experience, I have managed my family's nursing home for 30 years. I have owned and operated a chain of coffee shops (3 total) and a Chinese restaurant in Nagoya, Japan.

My customers are the main reason for my success. Therefore, I will show every customer that they are important to Magsen Realty and myself by providing the highest level of service in order to surpass all of my customer's expectations.